Potty Training - Part 1!

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So, I started to potty train Isabelle a few months ago and thought I would give you an update on how we're getting on... 

I started potty training Issy just before she turned two (approx 23 months) as she was starting to stay dry for longer, was able to follow simple instructions and was starting to notice when she had done a wee. I also thought it would be easier to potty train during the summer months rather than in the cold winter months! I decided to try out the 'Bare Bum' If you don't already know it's where you let your little one run around with no nappy or knickers. 

Day 1 - We had lots of accidents and no luck with the potty.
Day 2 - Issy did her first wee on the potty (yay!) with 1/2 accidents.
Day 3 - She was doing really well with minimal accidents.
Day 4 - I introduced knickers we had lots of accidents as I think she confused knickers with being a nappy. 
August - She was doing really well and I would say she was 90% potty trained with the occasional accident. I attempted taking her out in just knickers but she would not always tell me when she needed the toilet, so I have started to use pull-ups when out and about. 
Present Day - I feel like we have taken a step back. When wearing knickers in the house she won't tell me when she needs the toilet and has lots of accidents. However, If left 'Bare Bum' she takes herself to the potty and we have no accidents. If I ask her if she needs the toilet she always says no and is refusing to sit on the potty or toilet.  
I'm not sure if using pull-ups is confusing her?! As of tomorrow I am going to ditch the pull-ups (even at nap times and on trips out) and put her in big girl knickers. I'm not sure if to ditch the pull-ups at night? I would love any tips/advice on this? The Nuts and Bolts of Toilet Training has become my bible, which I keep referring back to for tips.

I hesitated sharing such private info in such a public place, but since I’ve been doing so much research about potty training I thought you might be interested in our journey. I’d love any tips you have to offer. I look forward to sharing my next update, hopefully It will be to tell you how we've succeeded!

Jemma x

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