Family Trip To Germany!

Last weekend we went to Buxtehude for my brothers wedding which is in Hamburg in Germany, for those of you that don't know where it is. Issy was very excited about going on an aeroplane and was good as gold on the flight. We arrived in Hamburg on Thursday morning and got the train to Buxtehude, where we checked in to our hotel which had beautiful views over the canal that runs through the picturesque town.

This was the second time we had been to a wedding with Isabelle so we knew it would be a long day and made sure we were well prepared to keep her entertained. We took lots of snacks, colouring books, her favourite toys (which are currently Dinosaurs) and her iPad. She fell asleep for 2.5 hours during the afternoon reception, which gave us chance to relax and mingle and later in the evening my mum took her back to the hotel so we could let our hair down! The wedding reception was held in a Wind Mill - Die Muhle Jork which had amazing views of the surrounding area. The bride looked beautiful and my brother scrubbed up well too...haha!
On our last day my husband surprised us with an overnight stay in the RadissonBlu in Hamburg where we spent the day shopping, took Issy to the local park and in the evening we met friends and family for dinner at The Hard Rock Cafe.
Here's a list of travel gear I don't leave home without!
  • Take lots of activities - We took colouring, toys, jigsaws and not forgetting Issys iPad, which always keeps her occupied when she gets bored of everything else.
  • Take plenty of food - We took enough Hipp Organic ready meals for the weekend because Issy is such a fussy eater and love these. We also took a lot of snacks such as bananas, biscuits and drinks.
  • Change of clothes
  • Juicy Couture McLaren buggy and we usually take her car seat but as we were travelling via train we didn't on this occasion.
  • Isabelles favourite bear and dummy
I love to read comments and hear feedback with your own experiences too, so feel free to share and comment!

To all you parents out there, happy travels!
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