Isabelles Swimming Lessons!

Isabelle at 9 months in Majorca
This month I joined Isabelle up to a new swimming club Jill and Donna's Little Swimmers. I originally started taking Issy to puddle ducks when she was 6 months old after a friends recommendation, Issy loved it and took to it like a duck to water. She didn't mind having her head dunked under the water, started to swim using woggles and would sit at the side of the pool and jump in! I stopped taking her just after she turned 2 as I found it to be rather expensive and decided I would take her once a week instead but didn't end up sticking to it and over the past 6 months she has slowly lost all of her confidence and is now scared to go in the water.
Isabelle at 7 months
Her first lesson didn't go to well...she cried nearly the whole time and just wanted to sit at the side of the pool playing with ducks and a watering can. I managed to get her in a few times but this wasn't without a fight. The teacher suggested bringing one of her bath toys to the next lesson to try and encourage her in to the water.

In comparison to Puddle Ducks the lessons are planned out very similar; they encourage children to go under the water, sing popular nursery rhymes, 'Super Girl' which is teaching the children to hold onto the edge of the pool and try to get to the other side, use woggles and floats to aid swimming independently and jumping in from the edge of the pool. The only main difference is that they encourage the children to wear armbands to try and separate child from mother or father in preparation for lessons without parents in the pool. Whereas puddle ducks are against using armbands as they feel they provide a false sense of  buoyancy and restrict movement.
Isabelle at 13 months swimming with daddy
Last Monday was our second lesson and she was much better. This time we took one of her ducks with us to help encourage her to take it for a swim in the pool. She spent most of the lesson in the water and participated in all songs, swam holding a float (with my help) and even jumped to me off the side of the pool! Such a difference from her first lesson and I was glad to hear her ask when we were going swimming again. I'm now looking forward to tomorrows lesson.

I'm so happy I've started lessons again, It's definitely worth encouraging swimming from an early age, not just for the safety aspect but the health benefits too and it's just so much fun to spend a bit of time with your little one in the pool.

Do you take your child to swimming lessons? I'd love to here some of your experiences!

Jemma and Isabelle xXx

P.S. Sorry I have no recent pictures, they don't allow cameras around the pool :(
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