My Week #1

I have decided to do a new weekly thing on my blog to help record all of the little things we don't usually document. Life is so busy and goes by so fast it would be nice to remember all the little things that make your day or light up your life. So no matter how big or small I will include days out, celebrations and all the other little things that have made my week - whether happy, sad, meaningful or pointless. It will be nice to be able to look back in years to come and remember what I was up too! I will post them every Monday.

So here's my first week...

On Monday we had Isabelles weekly swimming lesson (you can read about them here) that morning she didn't eat her breakfast which is not like her but she seemed ok. However, when we got in to the pool she was very clingy and whingy and literally kept her legs crossed the whole time - it definitely wasn't an enjoyable lesson! We then met my friend and her little boy for a spot of lunch in Chester. Isabelle wouldn't eat anything she started to get a temperature and fell asleep on my knee whilst we were eating.
On Tuesday we were both very tired as I had a poorly girl who had kept me and Mr W up most of the night - she kept saying 'i'm not very well' and pointing towards her mouth. She had quite a chesty cough and i'm guessing a sore throat teamed with a high temperature. Usually she goes to playgroup on Tuesdays but I kept her off and we spent the day at home and I made her a bed on the sofa.

Wednesday Issy was still ill she came in to our room at midnight and Mr W went into the spare room to get a good nights sleep as he had work the following day. She had a really high temp and kept me awake between 12-2am. Although it was annoying that she wouldn't go to sleep, she was singing nursery rhymes for the first time which was soooo cute to hear! Some of which included Wind the bobbin up, Twinkle Twinkle and Baa baa black sheep.

Thursday Issy was on the mend but I kept her off playgroup as she slept until after 9am and we had a lazy day at home.

We went to Jumping Jacks play area on Friday where I met my friend and her little boy. That evening I went in to Chester for a meal at Oddfellows to celebrate a friends 30th which was a fab night.
On Saturday it was such a lovely warm sunny day we went to the local Farm Shop for a walk along the trail but to our disappointment found out it doesn't open until Easter :( so instead we played hide and seek with Issy on the childrens play area which she loved so much. Then Mr W took her to Broughton Retail Park to look for a Mothers day present and I went home to paint my gel nails. That evening I was out in Chester again for another friends 30th, we had a lovely meal at Abode and few drinks at our regular haunt Red Door! Issys never really been clingy but tonight she got upset saying she wanted me to stay at home... I felt a little bad but it was also kind of nice to see she does miss me!
Sunday was of course Mothers Day and I was given a lie in and was then given my favourite box of chocolates Ferrero Rocher's and a Meerkat card saying Mummy I Love You (Issy loves Meerkats!) Mr W had a football match that afternoon Liverpool  Vs Tottenham which ended 4-0 = happy husband! I took my mum out for Sunday lunch to a local country pub with my sister and nieces then later in the afternoon went to see my mother-in-law and sister-in-laws.
And that was My week!

I love to read comments and hear feedback with your own experiences too, so feel free to share and comment!

Jemma xXx
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