Isabelles Mood Board

Since we have a new little arrival due in August we have decided to move Isabelle into the spare room. It's bigger than her current room so it will give us more room to store toys and more room for her to play. I have been collecting a few items over the last few months and over the Easter weekend we made a start on painting the room.

I wanted to create a magical grown up girly room that would grow with her and decided on a fairy theme after seeing the Amy Fairy Bed Set in Next. This is what's inspiring the design in our little girls room...
Isabelle's Mood Board

We have bought most of the items on this mood board and I plan to add finishing touches over the next few months. Such as buying a dressing table, creating a reading corner and a dressing up area.

I am trying to create little zones in her room; A place for sleep, reading, dressing up, drawing (the dressing table will double up as a desk), playing and getting ready for the day. Hopefully the room as a whole will be a place for her to dream, use her imagination and feel at home.

Now, to finish painting the skirting boards... :)

What is your children's bedroom like? Is it traditional, girly and pretty? Or modern, hip and cool? Please send photo's of your child's bedroom and I will feature great nursery designs!
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