My Week #2

Last week was mainly spent at home with an exception off Monday, where I took Issy swimming, however, it didn't go to well as she was upset for most of the lesson. The night before she had been awake in the night complaining that her ear hurt and the following morning seemed a little whiny and clingy. Later that morning she was inconsolable for nearly an hour crying and complaining that she had pain in her stomach. I took her to the local doctors where he examined her and advised to take her to A & E with suspected Appendicitis, as she was very tender when he was feeling one side of her tummy. We ended up spending 7.5hrs in hospital while they did tests and eventually they sent us home putting it down to a viral infection that caused swollen glands in her stomach. 
I had to catch a urine sample with this!!
On Tuesday Issy woke up and seemed so much better that after breakfast I got her dressed and took her to playgroup. Wednesday was spent cleaning the house and sorting through some of her toys (they're starting to take over the house!) and that afternoon we met up with her little friends Ava and India for a playdate. It's so cute watching them all play together, they were playing with dolls, jumping up and down on the sofa, doing rolly pollies and wheel barrows. That evening I had dinner out with my friend and we had an amazing Elemis facial at The Grosvenor Pulford Hotel & Spa.
Issy went to playgroup on Thursday morning then we spent the afternoon at home watching The Lion King and Peppa Pig. All week she has been waking up during the night complaining that her ear hurts and I have gone through nearly a whole bottle of Calpol. So on Friday morning I took her the Doctors and they confirmed she had an ear infection and prescribed Amoxicillin.
My husband spent Friday and Saturday at Aintree Races and me and Issy spent Saturday at home watching movies and The Grand National (of course!). On Sunday we went to look for a big girls bed for Issys new room and went out for Sunday lunch.

Did you get up to much last week?

I love to read comments and hear feedback with your own experiences too, so feel free to share and comment!

Jemma xXx
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