My Week #4

Happy Easter, Everyone!
I hope you all had a great day stuffing your faces with lots of chocolate (the only day it's allowed for breakfast!), we definitely did! 

Here's what we got up to last week...

On Monday, we met up with friends and took a "stroll through the deep dark wood" at Delamere Forest where the Gruffalo activity trail is now open.
The trail has been launched to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the best selling children's book 'The Gruffalo'. Events are taking place across the country throughout the year at 28 forests across England.

When we arrived we went to the cafe to buy a guide which was £2 and was disappointed to find that rather than being a map, it was an activity sheet more suitable for school aged children not 2/3 year olds. However, they don't actually charge to go on the trail, I would recommend if your child is not able to complete activity sheets not to bother buying it and just proceed straight to the trail.
The trail is approximately 1.5 miles long and it took us just over an hour to complete. The children were very excited to encounter some characters from the book along the way; a model of a snake slithering out of a "log pile house", an owl in a "tree top house" or a Gruffalo figure at the end. But to our disappointment, the animals where only found on activity boards placed at different points around the trail. Despite this, Isabelle and Finnley had fun completing the trail, we tried to make it as magical as we could - Issy was sure she seen the Gruffalo and said he had ran off into the wood! We finished off the walk with some ice creams...yum!
There is a Gruffalo birthday party picnic at Delamere Forest on Saturday 7th June, sign up online for a free down loadable birthday party picnic pack.

Isabelle was off Playgroup sick on Tuesday as she had conjunctivitis, we went to the doctors in the morning for some eye drops and spent the rest of the day at home.

Wednesday was spent enjoying the sun in the back garden.
On Thursday, I had an appointment at the hospital for an internal scan to check the length of my cervix, so my mum came to my house and walked Isabelle to playgroup as Mr W had travelled down to Cheltenham to pick up his new car! After playgroup Issy and I went to Chester Greyhound Park looking for some accessories for her bedroom and that evening we went round to my sister in laws' house for dinner.
Friday - Yay! It's finally the bank holiday weekend! Mr W arrived home at lunchtime with our new wheels  and we took it for a spin then spent the rest of the day enjoying the sunshine at the park.
Saturday was spent decorating Isabelle's room and putting together the furniture we bought last week and in the afternoon we went to Argos to buy Issy an 8ft trampoline! Issy's Nana picked her up in the morning and took her out for the day and she slept over as we went out for a meal in the evening as my brother and wife was over from Germany.Here's a sneak peek of her room...
Easter Sunday seen a visit from the Easter Bunny... I blew up a few balloons and laid out the eggs for when she got home from her Nana's and we couldn't wait to show her the BIG surprise that was waiting for in the garden!

...and that was our week! Hope you all had a good Easter! x
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