Potty Training - Part 2

Potty training is taking longer than I expected. I'm not complaining but I thought we had nearly cracked it and suddenly she just started refusing to use the potty or toilet. The little princess complains how the toilet and potty are "too cold" ha!

I have had her in knickers since her 2nd birthday (last August) and it was all going well until October, see my first update here! I did previously ditch the pull ups during the day but kept Issy in them for bedtime but we experienced several accidents per day.
So in February I decided to put her back in pull ups - I know it seems like a step back but I was getting frustrated and Issy was getting upset. I still encourage her to go on the potty and praise and reward her after every success. I plan to start potty training again after Easter, I'm going to let her pick a new potty and buy a babyway Step Toilet Trainer as her friend (Finnley) has one like this and she loves it. I'm also going to use a potty training chart and use stickers to reward her successes instead of offering sweets, I've found a free potty chart printable on The Scrap Shoppe Blog that I think I might use.

How are you getting on potty training? Please feel free to share any tips!

Happy potty training! xXx
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