Finding Out - Baby Number 2!

On the 23rd December, our whole world changed again!

We had planned a night out in Manchester (just me and Mr W), the plan was to do some last minute christmas shopping then to go out in the evening for drinks and a meal. 

I was aware my period was a few days late but because my cycle is usually between 30-35days (sometimes longer) I didn't read to much in to it. My boobs were starting to feel much fuller than normal and were a little tender, which got me thinking that I might be pregnant!

During our afternoon of shopping Mr W was looking forward to sharing a bottle of Champagne and all the time I was trying to find the right moment to tell him I think I might be pregnant. Towards the end of the afternoon I told him I thought that I was pregnant (he was quite surprised!) & we went to Boots and bought a pregnancy test then went to the nearest bar. Mr W went to get some drinks whilst I went to the ladies room to take the test, after a few minutes there was a clear line and it said I was 3+ weeks!
I was slightly shocked but excited and I couldn't wait to tell Mr W as I knew he would be excited. We celebrated with 1 drink then went for a Chinese, a slightly different night to what we had originally planned!

After working out all my dates I figured out i'd be due around the 18th August 2014. Isabelle would have just turned 3, which I think is a perfect age gap.

The start of a new adventure...

Jemma xxx
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