My Week #8

On Monday I took Issy to her swimming lessons, we haven't been going consistently lately as her lessons keep falling on bank holidays. As soon as she woke up she announced that she didn't want to go swimming today as she doesn't like lying on her back and doesn't like getting water in her eyes. As soon as we walked in to the changing room she started to cry and when we got to the pool area she threw the biggest tantrum ever (it was quite embarrassing). The teachers tried to persuade her with toys etc but she was adamant she didn't want to go in the water. Eventually, we got her in the pool and she was OK! She was very clingy but I managed to get her to swim using the woggles and float. She didn't want to jump off the edge of the pool, so we just watched the other children. One child in the class can swim underwater unaided for about 1 or 2 metres! Hopefully, Isabelle will be doing this by September, before baby no.2 arrives! That afternoon we met Yasmin and Finnley at Whizz Kidz for lunch. Mr W brought home the Frozen soundtrack for Isabelle to sing along to on her karaoke machine (which she loves), it's so sweet listening to her trying to sing along.

Issy spent Tuesday morning in playgroup, which gave me chance to do the weekly food shop and I registered Issy at our local dentist and booked her first appointment (which isn't until July). That afternoon was spent singing to Frozen. 

On Wednesday I dropped Isabelle off at my mums for a few hours as I had a hair appointment booked in the afternoon. I'm quite boring when it comes to my hair, I've had long brown hair for years but I decided to experiment (just a little) and give the Ombre look ago!

On Thursday Issy spent the morning in playgroup whilst I went to buy my mum a present for her birthday.

Friday morning was spent tidying up at home and that afternoon I took Issy swimming to Northgate Arena with her friend Finnley. I bought her some armbands and goggles and let her go in to the water at her own pace, I didn't force her to do anything she didn't want to do. She loved going down the slides, sitting on the water fountains, the big blue whale and even swam by herself with the aid of armbands (she's usually really clingy). She loved it that much, when it was time to leave she was crying to stay. That evening we took my mum out for dinner to our local pub to celebrate her birthday. Issy loves it when it's someone's birthday and helped her nanny open the presents.
Saturday was one of the hottest days of the year so we decided to go to Bangor On Dee Races with the family. We went on the open course and Nanna W prepared an amazing picnic which included a cooked Turkey crown! When we arrived, to our surprise, there was lots of childrens activities including a climbing wall and bouncy castle (which Issy loved). We had a fab day and we all won at least one race!
Watching the horses with uncle Will
On Sunday morning Mr W woke up with bright red arms..someone never applied any suncream yesterday...ouch! Issy spent the morning helping Daddy clean the windows then I got her ready for her friend (Ava's) 3rd birthday party. It was another hot and sunny day perfect for a garden party, the birthday girl was all smiles the whole day and all the children spent the afternoon playing on the trampoline, bouncy castle and in Ava and India's new playhouse.
Issy ready for Ava's party!
Ava and her princess cake!
Ava reading to Issy and India 

And that was our week!

P.S. Today marks round 2 of potty training Isabelle and I'm feeling very positive, (I say with my fingers crossed!) I will keep you posted on our progress!

Hope you've had a fab week! xx
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