My Week #9

So, this week was a BIG week...we started started potty training for a second time!

Monday morning's first stop was the potty and I explained that she was going to wear big girl knickers from now on and we were throwing pull ups in the bin (well, during the daytime that is!). After breakfast we went upstairs to get dressed and I let her choose what knickers she wanted to wear, she chose Peppa Pig one's. That morning we went swimming which went quite well. She is still very clingy and objects to following instructions given by the swimming teachers because she is so strong willed but I think taking her own goggles and arm bands helped. After swimming I went to my sisters then headed home for lunch and to focus on potty training, overall our 1st day wasn't very successful, we had many accidents including no.1's and no.2's.

Tuesday morning Isabelle had playgroup, I packed 3 spare changes of clothes and explained I had started potty training and asked them to take Issy to the potty/toilet rather than asking her as she always says "no". When I picked her up they advised she has had 3 accidents including a no.2! That afternoon I went to Mothercare and Toys 'r' us to look at prams for Baby no.2 as I have had someone interested in buying the pram I had for Isabelle which was an Emmaljunga edge 3-in-1. This time round I'm looking for something more lightweight, modern and where you are able to attach a buggy board. Whilst we were out Issy had no accidents and was quite good for the rest of the day. That evening we went for a walk in to Chester to take Issy to the park but just as we arrived there was a torrential down pour & we got soaked, Issy enjoyed making use of her umbrella though!
On Wednesday I received confirmation to confirm my pram had sold (yay!). So, that morning my mum came round and watched Isabelle for a few hours whilst I went looking for a box big enough to post the pram. Thank god for my brother-in-law as I don't think I would have found a box big enough if it wasn't for his help, once finally wrapped up it weighed approx 30kg and the box was over 1metre square! That afternoon Issy's auntie's and Nanna W came round for dinner for Auntie Claire to show us her new car. On the potty training front, we had a few accidents and a few wee's in the potty. Nanna W brought round a potty training reward chart that I will start using which will hopefully encourage Issy to use the potty.
On Thursday Issy had playgroup during the morning and had no accidents (for the 1st time this week!). Then in the afternoon I went too the hairdressers to have a slightly darker colour on my fringe as I found it a little too blonde. Whilst we were there Issy had 2 accidents but no others for the rest of the day, I feel like we are slowly making progress! That evening my niece Claire came round for a few hours for a catch up.

Friday was spent cleaning the house during the morning then we went to my friends Yasmin and Finnley's for a lunch playdate and i'm pleased to say Issy had no accidents all day.. yay!! Mr W went to Haydock races today and stayed over in Liverpool so it was just me and Issy! We spent the evening watching the movie Enchanted (she loves any movie that has princesses in lately), Issy was full of it running around my room pretending to be a princess and managed to stay awake for the whole movie and finally fell asleep at 10:15! 

Due to the previous late night Issy didn't wake up until 9am on Saturday. When Mr W got home we went to The Farm Shop for breakfast then went to Broughton Retail Park , where we managed to find Issy and Elsa doll, there so hard to get hold of as they keep selling out! That night I went out with the girls and as I'm currently designated driver, we thought we would go a little further afield and went to Hale. We had food and cocktails in The Hale Grill then went to Suburbia for a little boogie, I managed to last until 12:30 (which I think was pretty good considering I'm 27 weeks pregnant!).
On Sunday I had a little lie in whilst Mr W took Issy for a walk in some local woods to look for the Gruffalo and baby Dinosaurs! They managed to find where the Gruffalo lives but he was out! The rest of the day was spent at home watching movies and colouring. She seems to have developed a tickly cough which has got worse as the days gone on and I had to give her some Nurofen before bed as she had a slight temperature (hopefully she's not coming down with anything to serious!). The potty training has gone well today apart from one accident (a no.2), I'm feeling positive for the week ahead.
As most children at the moment Issy loves Frozen and this week she has been re-enacting one of the scenes where Anna lies on elsa and says "The sky is awake, so I am awake", Issys been saying it whilst lying on her back with her arms spread out (it's so cute!). She's also been waking me up in the morning saying "Do you want to build a snowmaaaan?", It makes me laugh everytime!

And that was our week! 

P.S. I would love to hear If you have any pram suggestions or recommendations?

Jemma xXx
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