The Bump: 13-16 weeks

I have now reached the 16 week milestone and over the last few weeks I have suddenly had lots of energy, although I definitely don't feel like i'm 'glowing'. My skin is pale (most probably because I haven't seen sun for a while) and i've had lots of spots, this might be due to me still craving chocolate! At 16 weeks I had 2 days of constant headaches, I'm not sure what caused them but they disappeared as quick as they started.

I am just starting to show and fortunately can still fit into my jeans but I can't fasten the button, so I have been using a bobble to keep them up. For those of you that don't know this trick, you thread the bobble through the button hole then place the other end over the button and voila! Easy and you still get to wear your favourite jeans and it's most probably cost you nothing, if you have loads of elasticated bobbles lying around like I do.
27 weeks and 6 days pregnant
Over the last couple of weeks I think I have started to feel tiny movements/flutters and I find that my bump is small in the morning and much bigger in the evening - I think this is due to bloating and eating throughout the day.

At 16 weeks he or she is the size of an avocado measuring nearly 5 inches and weighs about 3.5 ounces. So far i'm enjoying being pregnant and I feel like it's going much faster than my 1st pregnancy. Fingers crossed everything continues going so well!
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