The Bump: 6-12 weeks

My pregnancy so far is feeling very similar to when I was carrying Isabelle, from weeks 6-12 I have had the occasional bout of nausea but have had no sickness. However, I have been feeling very tired and have been experiencing sharp stomach pains when I make any sudden movements e.g. getting out of bed too fast. After doing a bit of research online I think round ligament pain was the cause, usually more common in the second trimester but I think i've been having them since I was about 5 weeks pregnant.

Over the last few weeks i've been craving sweets like sherbert, astrobelts and chocolate; If old wives tales are anything to go by, it means i'm having another girl!

Week 12 was our first scan, the sonographer confirmed everything looks ok and advised our due date is 23rd August 2014...eeek! He or she slept through the whole scan and hardly moved.

At 12 weeks the little think is about 2.1 inches, 0.49 ounces and is about the same size as a plum!
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