My Week #10

Wow...I can't believe i've been doing these weekly posts for nearly 3 time flies!

I can't really remember what I got up to last week, I forgot to keep a diary! It was pretty uneventful, so I will just update you with the highlights of our week not to bore you all!

Monday was a bank holiday and we spent the day at home then went to the in-laws for a curry...yum!

On Tuesday Issy had playgroup in the morning and when I picked her up the staff were pleased to tell me she had NO ACCIDENTS (yay...little dance!). I feel we are making slowly making progress, she has a couple of accidents a day but I have noticed she's starting to hold her wee's in for longer.

On Wednesday Issy had a lunch playdate with her friends Ava and India. However, they were far too busy to eat anything because for Ava's 3rd birthday she had a disney princess dress up station and they were too busy dressing up as princesses! Issy loved dressing up so much I treated her to a Tinkerbell dress (which she hasn't taken off since), I definitely need to do something similar to this for Issy's birthday.
Princess Belle (Issy) and Princess Sofia (Ava)
Disney princess dress up station
On Thursday Issy had playgroup and Friday she had another play date with Finnley. They spent the afternoon singing Frozen songs on the karaoke and playing in the garden.
Saturday we went to Wrexham to get some paint samples for baby number 2's room and on Sunday we had a lovely lunch at The Stamford Bridge (just outside Chester). The last 2 night's Issy has not been going to bed very well, she literally keeps crying and getting out of bed until we give in and let her come in to our room, then we take her back to her bed once she's fallen to sleep (sometimes this has lasted for 2 hours!). The last 2 days she hasn't had any naps during the day and is very tired but just will not go to sleep, she's like the duracell bunny! Has anyone experienced this and have any tips??

And that was our week.
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