The Bump: 21-26 Weeks

So, as you may have noticed I haven't been very good at keeping a diary of my growing bump. I had originally planned to take pictures of my bump each week but time has gone so fast and here I am 26 weeks pregnant and I still haven't taken any photo's!!

So here's the first picture of my bump @ 26 weeks...

I have now come to the end of week 26 and I'm feeling quite tired and get out of breath easily. I have now started to show more and now don't just look bloated!

I've generally been craving quite healthy meals apart from when I crave sweets, the same as when I was pregnant with Issy. Lately, I have started to get heartburn and my hips have started aching at night, so i've not been sleeping very well.

Over the last few weeks we have been decorating Issy's new bedroom and it's finally finished! It just needs a few finishing touches which I will collect over the next few months (I will post some before and after photos). I'm now looking forward to freshening up the nursery ready for our little girls arrival...exciting!!
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