Dry Like Me Review & Giveaway!

As you may already be aware, I started potty training Isabelle a few weeks ago and I'm proud to say we have finally mastered daytime potty training (which you can read about here) and with it being summer I thought we would go the whole hog and also tackle night time potty training! My challenge is to try and get Isabelle fully potty trained before my next little girl arrives in August.

We are taking part in Dry Like Me's summer campaign 'Potty Training Live', which is an exclusive 6 week summer programme of support to help get you and your little one through the challenge of potty training which launches on July 14th!

Dry Like Me have very kindly sent us 4 boxes of their night time pads and a "How to Potty Train" book. First impressions are really good; I love the use of bright colours and characters on the packaging and book, the pads feel soft and thicker than the day time pads and they have a fun little star design. Each pack contains 14 pads and a re-sealable plastic pouch to keep fresh ones clean or to contain dirty ones if you don't have access to a bin. The pads are like little sanitary towels that you place inside your toddlers knickers or undies, so when they have little accidents, they start to understand and react to what's happening. 
Before I started I made sure I was prepared...what you'll need:
  • I have a waterproof bed sheet and also use Little Angels bed mats from Asda under her sheet for extra protection, so I don't have to wash the waterproof bed sheet everyday!
  • A potty in her room
  • Spare bedding and pyjamas to hand in case of any accidents
  • Dry Like Me Night Time pads 
  • 'How to potty train' story book 
I found the book really useful as it covers every aspect of potty training from preparing your child, recognising the signs that they're ready, through to night time potty training and going out and about. 
It's filled with lots of colourful illustrated stories to read with your child (which Isabelle loved) and also comes with charts and planners, top tips and lots of free stickers.
We have now been using the pads the last 10 nights and we have had some success and some failures (4 out of 10 mornings have been dry), which I expected as she is still quite young. 

For the first few nights she had accidents so Jude and Di (the founders of Dry Like Me) recommended a 'dream wee'. Meaning at about 10:30/11pm you lift your child, place them on the potty/toilet and encourage them to empty their bladder.The first night we did this we found Issy went straight back to sleep and was DRY the next morning...yay! I also like the way you can layer the pads by putting one at the front and one at the back to give extra absorbency and helps to prevent leakage. 

Our bedtime routine goes something like this:
  • A drink of milk about an hour before bed.
  • Potty/toilet last thing before bed between 7/7:30pm
  • 'Dream Wee' at 10:30/11pm
  • Encourage Issy to go straight to the potty/toilet first thing in the morning and reward for doing this.
Overall, I think they are great and definitely worth a try. I would have loved to have known about these when I was potty training during the day. I found some of the instructions about how to insert the pads a little confusing but I soon realised you can use the pads in different ways and can layer the pads by putting one at the front and one at the back to give extra absorbency. One of the main things I found from using the pads is that it definitely helps Isabelle to recognise that she has had an accident. She now takes off her knickers and puts clean ones on if she has had an accident, whereas before I would need to prompt her to take off her pull ups in the morning, They are much cheaper to buy than pull ups so definitely worth a try.

For more information, practical advice and special offers go to www.drylikeme.com.

Dry Like Me are available in most major supermarkets both online and in-store, on Amazon and directly from Dry Like Me on their online potty training shop.

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To celebrate the launch of their annual summer potty training programme, potty training live 2014! Dry Like Me are giving my readers a chance to win a 'Smarter Way To Potty Train' pack worth £24 each! They contain four boxes of Dry Like Me pads with a lovely reward chart and stickers - all the tools you need to help your little one achieve potty training success.

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