Potty Training Update - So Long Nappies!!!

Since my last update (which you can read here), we have definitely turned a corner. I don't want to jinx this, but I think Isabelle is potty trained!

If you have been following our progress you will know I originally started potty training Isabelle when she turned two last summer. However, after a great start she started to regress and was having lots of accidents and was also refusing to go on the potty or toilet (she is very strong minded!). So, after seven months of trying to potty train her, I made the decision to put her back in pull ups. This was to give us both a break and take the pressure off for a couple of months as I was getting frustrated and Issy was getting upset.

At the end of May I decided it was the right time to start potty training... for the second time! I would ideally like Isabelle to be out of pull ups before baby number two arrives in August. I explained that she was going to wear big girl knickers from now on and we were throwing pull ups in the bin (well, during the daytime that is!) and I introduced a potty training reward chart. I also bought a Babyway Step Toilet Trainer as she has shown a lot of interest in the one her friend had, although, she has refused to use this up to now!
At first we had many accidents (you can see how our first week went here), but as we reached the second and third week something had clicked and most days she was accident free. It's now been 6 weeks since we started potty training and she now takes herself to the potty or toilet, can pull her knickers up and down and only has the occasional accident when she is distracted playing.

It feels so good to have finally turned the corner, our next step is to ditch the pull ups at night.

If you are currently potty training or planning to in the near future, watch this space as we have a fantastic competition to share with you all in the next few days!!

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