The Bump: 37 Weeks

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last few weeks by the time evening comes I have just been too tired to write. I have actually just turned 38 weeks but this is my 37 week update!

Over the last few weeks nesting has been well and truly underway with cleaning, organising and planning for baby number 2's arrival. We have now finished decorating Isabelle's room and have freshened up the nursery ready for her pending arrival.

This week I have been finding it difficult to get comfortable at night especially with all the hot weather we have had recently and I feel like i'm starting to waddle! I think I have had a couple of Braxton Hick contractions lately but apart from this nothing to suggest labour is pending. I have been quite laid back when it comes to packing my hospital bag but finally got round to doing it this week and i'm feeling much more organised now that it's done!

Looking forward to meeting this little princess sometime over the next few weeks!
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