At long last, I would like to share my birth story with you.

Tuesday 26th August 2014
2am - Started having a few niggly contractions, I lay in bed timing them, they were coming every 10 minutes lasting for about 30 seconds. I fell asleep about 4am and when I woke up at 6am they had stopped. During the day contractions continued to stop and start coming every 30 minutes but they didn't progress and by the evening they had stopped. 

Wednesday 27th August 2014
3am - My contractions started again, this time coming every 5/7 minutes and lasting about 60 seconds. They didn't feel anywhere near as strong as when I was having Isabelle.

5am - I called the hospital maternity ward for advice on when to come in. They advised to make our way to the hospital when the contractions were 3 minutes apart. Like the day before I fell asleep at 6am and when I woke up at 7:30am the contractions had stopped. 

3:30pm - Throughout the day my contractions were regular and as the day went on they became stronger. It was a hot, sunny day and at about 4pm I took Isabelle to the park and vividly remember how painful the contractions were starting to become, There were other people on the park and the contractions were making me stop in my tracks, there was one point where I remember having to kneel down and pretend to get something out of my bag as they were so painful!

4pm - I called John and told him to make his way home as my contractions were getting stronger and they were coming every 5 minutes. When he got home we decided Mr W would take Isabelle to his mum and dads for the night as I knew it wouldn't be long until she arrived (As my lucky number is 27 I was sure she was going to make an appearance before midnight).

8:30pm - Had an early night but couldn't sleep. Contractions were still 5 minutes apart and too strong to sleep through.

Thursday 28th August 2014
12:30am - Ran a hot bath and by 1am my contractions were coming every 3/4 minutes and were quite painful, I dried my hair put a bit of makeup on (of course!) then woke Mr W to tell him it was time to go to the hospital.

2:30am - We arrived at the hospital and my contractions were coming every 3 minutes. The midwife took us in to an examination room and a student midwife examined me and advised I was already 7 cm's dilated (I was so surprised!). The midwife advised the birth pool was free and it was always my plan to have a waterbirth if it was possible.

4:30am - We made our way to the birth pool. The midwife advised Mr W could choose some backing music and he came back with R.Kelly's album!! We have very different taste in music and I didn't want 'I believe I can fly' going round in my head, so I sent him back to choose a meditation cd which was much more relaxing!
5am - In birth pool, contractions every 2/3 minutes. Contractions were getting stronger and I started to panic and wanted to get out of the water but the midwife's helped me find a comfier position. No pain relief so far!

6:30am - Contractions getting much stronger, started to have gas and air.

7:15am - Started pushing

Having a water birth was an amazing experience and the trainee and senior midwife that delivered Sofia were fantastic! I can't believe how much easier it was compared to my first birth. The placenta was delivered quickly and I breastfed Sofia straight away. We were then left in the the suite for a few hours which enabled me to get a shower and for Mr W and I to have lots of cuddles before being moved on to the ward. Later that day Mr W brought Isabelle to meet her baby sister, she was so excited to meet her!

I stayed in overnight to ensure breastfeeding was established and was discharged the following afternoon.

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